Leo New Moon July 23rd

I am opening my day on this morning of the New Moon in 0 degrees of Leo with a feeling of space, rebirth, and creation. My Chiron is in Leo, so I find it fitting that my reflection on this astrological event is grounded in the theme of creative self-expression.

Creative self-expression is embodied in the way that we show up and exist in life each moment. Whether from a conscious or unconscious motive, the choices we make about what we say, think and do are creative acts. It is with this understanding that I sow a seed of intention to be more mindful and open to channel a higher frequency of loving kindness in my life now. I embrace the challenge of staying in close contact with the innocence of my own soul as I address the demands of the mundane.

Creative power means taking 100% responsibility for what I’m building with my life, one day at a time. What is the foundation that I am building on top of? Is my self-expression in this moment in integrity with the rewards that I am setting out to reap? The physical aspects of my appearance, my well-being, and the routines that I follow to create material security for myself are calling my attention now. Here are some reflections:

  • Emotion can and should be used as a tool to create forward movement and momentum. Discontent is the fuel that empowers change in new directions.
  • What I have willed myself to do or not do up to this point is no longer serving me, and a situation is breaking down to allow me to begin again with renewed ambitions.
  • Thoughts serve the purpose of creating an atmosphere around me. It is crucial that I empower my surroundings with thoughts that are stimulating, beautiful, and inspiring to the higher aspects of myself. Bringing out my best begins in my mind.
  • Prosperity is natural and I am of nature. When I remove all of the excess and unnecessary, I am able to connect to what is essential and enjoy sustained prosperity. Prosperity energy is innocent and sensual natural energy that is of this earth.
  • Raw material and the ability to direct my willpower are tools that are always available to me. I must cover myself in my own creation and my own abundance. Connecting to the energies most readily and abundantly available to me is the effortless, east path to prosperity. I must know what I am really trying to do and what I really want to make because nothing will progress purposefully or prosperously without clarity.
  • Personal power and ego expression have outlets through sexuality and sensuality. Venus power is influencing us all right now. Emotional currents are simply guides that I must follow with flow and ease. Resistance keeps me astray of my direction. To flow freely is to be grounded. Move ahead seeing only the next step and take it, trust that the next one will appear.


*Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash


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