New Moon Gemini May 26

I often have a hard time staying committed to following through on highly charged ideas. The more that a possiblity energizes and inspires me, the more my inner critic rears its head. As a result, I find myself trapped in analysis paralysis and stagnate instead of moving forward.

For tonights New Moon in Gemini, I sow a seed of acceptance towards the duality in all things. In embracing duality, I free myself to be with that perfectionism without judgment. The sense of humor that such a stance requires becomes self-evident, as I learn to say, “so what?” instead of taking myself so seriously. How serious should one really take a possibility, anyway? There isn’t much in this life that unfolds exactly the way we imagine or hope it will. With this in mind, why not dance with duality?

“The quality of my presence with myself is always my choice. I choose to be in ease and peace toward all that is with me.” – Energy Body Holistic

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